Chile’s artworks are the consequence of his inability to sepa-rate himself from his painting. Spontaneity keeps his art fresh and, like him, constantly evolving.

In his childhood expressions Chile realized that he could use color to interpret’ objects and reveal emotions. Instead of painting scenes or portrait, he learned to express his impres-sions of them through abstraction. Today, he uses acrylic paint and any other materials needed to convey what he sees and feels.

Concordia University in Irvine, California is where Chile ob-tained his Fine Arts degree. It was his professor, Ben Marx-hausen, who taught him how to meld the essential element and discipline of composition with the dynamics of his own expression.

Chile was born in Abilene, Texas in 1970. He currently lives in Southern California. His athletic passions are surfing and playing semi-professional soccer. He will never stop painting.

Artist Statement

“I want people to have an opinion about my art. I don’t care if they love it or hate it; I just want them to notice it.”