KC Woolf

Ever since he was able to hold a pen in his hand, KC has been making art. Even his first words were red blue, and “lellow”. Born in Santa Cruz, California, Woolf traveled the country with his family, gathering experiences that shaped his unique view of the world at a young age, never living in one place for longer than a few months.

Finally settling down in Ashland, Oregon at the ripe old age of fourteen, KC moved into a Buddhist temple with his father. His days were spent donating his time to the tiger sanctuary at the temple, aiding in the rehabilitation of abused and unwanted exotic animals.

Early in 2002, KC bought a roll of canvas and some paints. He holed up in his garage that he had transformed into a studio and got to work. He painted constantly for weeks. His friends and family started to worry but KC knew that art had to be made. One month later, KC sold his first painting. And then, he sold another one and then another, and another and another.

KC Woolf lives and works in Los Angeles, Cali-fornia, painting his heart out and loving every minute of it. To him, art is not a self indulgent, emotionally introspective downward spiral.

Artist Statement

“Art is a medium that opens the door into the unknown, and provides a platform in which one can explore, indulge and grow. Art provides the stage for the experience, and is infinite in its possibility.”