Laurie Regan Chase

Heralded as a leader in the genre of contemporary realism, San Francisco’s Laurie Chase is one of the most exciting artists to emerge in recent years. In her work, Chase captures the simple, untarnished charm of the country sides and coastline communities that she has visited in her travels.

Chase masterfully combines realistic and detailed brushwork with the soothing, impressionist-influenced use of the palette knife to create paintings radiant with intense colors and rich textures. Looking at them, we are transported to another place in time. Her watercolors express a similar sensitivity to the varying environs she has encountered, reflecting the peaceful serenity of a simpler, calmer era lost more than a generation ago.

Chase was born in Chicago where she gained a love of water through sailboat racing in the nearby Lake Michigan. Her formal art education began at the Art Institute of Chicago and continued later at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, Where she received a Bachelor of Science degree. After moving to North California in 1978, she concentrated on painting scenes of the picturesque California coast. In subsequent years, she has gone on the find similar inspiring subjects for her scenic portraits during her travels throughout the world.

In addition to being featured in numerous publications, including the L.A. Times and U.S. Art Magazine, Chase’s work has appeared in museum, corporate, hospitality and private collections internationally.