I've been a silversmith, a leatherworker, and a fiber artist for a few decades. I'm still new to bookmaking, so that label isn't quite instinctive yet. I love the mix of engineering, material experimentation, rich content, and creative highs that    craftwork affords me. I have some deep philosophical      differences with the contemporary fine-art world's adulation of shock value and exploitation, distrust of beauty, and    exaltation of shoddy workmanship. At the same time, I     understand the utter banality that flavors much of today's decorative mass- market artwork. I've spent many years in the interior- decorating and decorative-arts fields, and seen the worst they had to offer to the least-discerning customers. So, standing between these two worlds, there really is    nothing that I can be, except an artisan trying to hold true to her creed.

After growing up in New Mexico and Arizona, the colors and textures of these landscapes are probably hard-wired into my brain. This seems exotic to people who don't live here, so it often helps my work. I also like the prospect of affectionately satirizing the Southwestern art and trends that I've watched develop over the last few decades.

Marian Crane