Mira Wioodworth

Mira Woodworth is an award-winning glass artist whose work has been featured in juried shows and invitationals. Her innovative designs have been published in Art Jewelry Magazine as well as in a comprehensive survey, “Sculpture and Design with Recycled Glass.” While her focus remains on glass, she incorporates bronze, found objects and mixed media into her pieces.

About her studio:

“When I moved from small-town downtown into a converted horse arena (strange, I know), I was faced with the challenge of turning a two-story barn into my new studio.  It’s not a large barn, but it has quickly become my creative home-base.

It is exactly half way between somewhere and no where.  Close enough, yet far away.  To the east, I see the snow capped Sierras.  To the west, the silhouette of Mount Diablo.”