Scott Shaffer

Artist Statement

My first taste of working with clay was as an elementary student and the assignment was to make an animal figure you liked; my dog got to be the model. I took Ceramics as an elective in high school and it was there that Ceramics as a media made its biggest impact on me. One of my pieces took a second place in our local Rotary Club’s art contest for ceramics. Ceramics pursued me into college but again, only as an elective. As I moved into the post collegiate working world, its voice got me to create a couple of pieces on the side. 
From the Southern Cal lifestyle of San Diego and nearly seventeen years later, I finally made my way back to the Bay Area. As a Marriage and Family Therapist, I knew all about the rigors and stress of doing the challenging work that I continue to provide as I did in San Diego. I needed an outlet to express the more visually creative side of me and Ceramics again whispered that it was that expression. Some years have gone by since that quiet voice spoke to me. Many of my pieces have now been sold in different venues and some 
have won awards through the local San Mateo County Fair. It’s clear that others find enjoyment/meaning in what I’ve created and wish to be a part of the ongoing voice that Ceramics wishes to promote in our ever mass-produced culture.