Working in figurative sculpture, I am challenged by one of nature's most complex and beautiful forms the human body. I have refined the human figure to basic and almost geometric forms. I love to use the human form to portray an emotional idea or story. Giving life to my subjects by capturing their innermost emotions, I express my own romantic longings. My romantic couples embody their unique body language and in their unison they display an emergent emotional expression. With simple lines and planes I work to capture the essence of these gestures. The couples are separate individuals but bound in nonverbal communication. I am intrigued by the minute nuances in shift of posture or angle of the head to convey a different expression"

I view my art as a personal investigation into nested interconnecting systems within systems. The landscapes and interior architectures become metaphors for drama, pathos, and moods. It is the investigation into the importance of these familiar subjects that allows me to materialize my perceptions of consciousness. The process of making these subjects transform from an internalized feeling into a physical image is very satisfying, as my work becomes the witness to a visual truth within the artistic discussion of my life.

Yenny Cocq